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Tunnel under Nyugati Station

Tunnel under Nyugati Station Hidden shortcut

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To understand the existence of this tunnel first we have to examine the structural landscape of railway stations in Budapest. The three main ‘headstations’, Déli, Keleti and Nyugati are deeply incorporated in the city, therefore crossing the railroad is mostly possible via overpasses or underpasses and tunnels. Anyway you have to go a long way to find a pass since they are not marked at all.
No wonder I was surprised when I discovered this tunnel. A forgotten little street off Podmaniczky on the Eastern side and a cobblestone-covered ramp on the other end, both leading to a dark hole in the wall.
Interesting rather than nice, the tunnel runs under the rails leaving from Nyugati Station, connecting Podmaniczky with Bulcsú utca. You may cross by foot or bike, the metal panels covering the pipeline in the middle make the trip pretty loud when you step or ride on them. The ‘discreet’ lights enhance the feeling of paranoia during the night, so do the houses of Bulcsú street at the Western exit, you better think twice before going in alone. I don’t want to scare anybody off, it’s just better to know the dark side.
A few years ago the area was planned to host the new government district but the project got stuck in blueprint-phase. However, as a major industrial and slumish area in the middle of the city the neighbourhood is undergoing a major renovation. I hope my favourite secret tunnel won’t be a victim of real estate vultures.

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