Friday, July 1, 2011

What to do in Budapest with children?

Some program suggestions for famillies visiting Budapest.

Half day excursion in the Budapest Zoo. You can meet about 1000 kinds of animals in 10 ha. The biggest attraction is the gorilla baby born in the zoo in 2011. More information here: Budapest Zoo

Excursion in the Buda Hills with the cog railway, with the children railway and the chairlift. You can find a half day Buda Hills tour itinerary here: Tour with the children railway

2 hours trip with the RiverRide, the bus floating in the Danube. First you can see the inner city of Pest by the bus then the bus splash into the waves of the Danube and cruise in the river like a boat. Try it. For more information and booking here: Budapest floating bus

A day in the Aquaworld, Budapest’s waterpark with a lot of outside and inside slides waits for you all year. Free shuttle bus starts from the Heroes’ Square. More information: Aquaworld Budapest

Tropicarium Fish of Hungarian waters, just as well as creatures living in tropical rainforests, in the depths of the world's seas and oceans are on show here. They are housed in environments that very closely resemble their original ones.

Pálvölgyi and Szemlő-hegyi caves: In the Szemlő-hegyi cave visitors can tour about the hiking route of about 250 meters on comfortable concrete sidewalks and stairs, and can get familiarised with the pisolite precipitations and gypsum crystals, counting almost unparalleled in Europe, abundantly covering the walls, by an effect illumination, which enhances and makes perceivable the beauty of the images and formations of the cave passages.
The longest cave of Budapest is the 20.1 km long Pál-völgyi-Mátyás-hegyi cave system located in the Duna-Ipoly National Park. It is a real multi-level labyrinth system with most of its chambers under the residental districts of Budapest. More information: Budapest caves
Book an adventure caving tour in the Pálvölgyi cave: Caving tour

Transport Museum: Europe’s oldest transport history collection. Wonderful collection of old cars, motorbikes, reconstructured railway carriages and airplanes. Address: 1146 Budapest, Városligeti körút 11. Opening hours: Tu-Fr 10-17, Sa-Su 10-18.

Railway Museum: Europe's first interactive railway museum opened on 14 July 2000, displaying over a hundred railway vehicles and equipment of varying ages on a site of over 70,000 m2. The fleet is comprised of fifty engines, twelve operational and thirty-eight cosmetically restored, plus a wide range of rolling stock: railcars, self-powered rail cars and hand-carts, inspection cars, steam cranes, snow ploughs and other curiosities. Visitors can not only admire the old machines: they can also try them out. They can drive a steam engine, travel in a car converted for rails, operate a hand-cart, ride on the turntable and on the horse tram. More information: Railway Museum

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