Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Busójárás 2012

The Busójárás, the buso carnival will be 16-21 February 2012 in Mohács.

Dave Seminara visited Mohács and published his experience on the Gadling.com travel portal.

"Welcome to Busójárás, Hungary's version of Whacking Day. I'd heard about the colorful pre-Lenten carnival held in Mohacs each year but no one had warned me about the devlish little busós who run around whacking people.
 Busójárás (pronounced Boo-show-yar-us) is a six-day festival that runs from February 16-21 this year. On the final day, always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, locals burn a coffin in the town square to symbolize the death of winter. The festival's highlight, however, occurs on Sunday when the carnival march of the busós starts. Busós are the scary, wooly-cloaked men with wooden masks you see in the accompanying photos, who arrive in a convoy of rowboats on the Danube River...

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