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The Budapest Tropicarium does not only present a part of the deep sea world but also a tiny bit of a tropical rainforest, where the sky thunders every quarter of an hour, rain starts to fall and lightning zigzags over the lazily lying Mississippi alligators. Besides, the Tropicarium can boast with the largest sea aquarium in all Central Europe, the shark aquarium containing 1.4 million litres of salt water, housing 8 two-meter-long sharks and hundreds of colourful fish of other species, swimming around in peaceful harmony. In addition to the enormous fish-tank, there are 50 other ‘smaller' aquariums and terrariums (meaning 5-40.000 litres each!) on site.

You can watch:
  • fish species of the Hungarian fauna
  • squirrel monkeys, birds, snakes, alligators from a rainforest
  • chameleons, giant turtles, spiders and scorpions
  • fish species from the fresh waters – with piranhas
  • sand tiger sharks, leopard and brown sharks. Sharks feeding from 15 to 16 pm every Thursday

Opening hours

Every day of the year between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
The ticket office closes at 7 p.m.

In the Christmas period - on 24th, 25th and 31st December and 1st January - we have modified opening hours. The ticket office closes one hour before the closing time on these dates, too.

24th December                10-14
25th December                12-19
31st December                 10-18
1st January                        12-19

Contact information:
Address: 1222 Budapest, District XXII, Nagytétényi út 37-43. (South Buda area)

The Tropicarium is situated in the Campona Shopping Centre (

Tel: 06-1-424-3053, web:, E-mail:

How to get there:
By car directly from motorways M0, M1 and M7, via highway 6 or from Nagytétényi út. (Free parking facility of 1800 places for cars and buses).

By bus from Móricz Zs. körtér by bus 3, from Kosztolányi D. tér by bus 14 and 114. Bus 233 connects with the city centre (Astoria, Ferenciek tere).
Visitors have to take off all three buses at the bus stop in Lépcsős utca.

By train: Through the train station named Budatétény next to the Campona.


Adults   (18-62 years)                                                                                 2300HUF
Children (4-18 years)                                                                                 1600HUF
Students (full time student card is required) (18-26 years)               1900 HUF
Pensioners (over 62 years)                                                                       1600 HUF

For group prices, Budapest and Hungary Card discounts, please visit the Tropicarium website:

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