Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Egerszalók village

And one more good guide from the Funzine Magazine:

Egerszalók is a small village just six kilometers west of the city of Eger. It is situated in a valley between the Bükk and Mátra hills, making it a picturesque place to visit. Like Eger, wines are produced here and cellars abound. The village is characterized by a rich collection of natural attractions and makes a great place for enjoying outdoor activities. Visitors can walk in the hills and forests, visit the natural species of the large pond or take advantage of the thermal waters. A settlement for centuries, at the southern edge of the village you can find cave dwellings carved into the riolite tuff. There are also unique conical rock formations known as the "beehive stones." These make an interesting sight worth visiting.

 A rich culture of tradition compliments these natural assets, making for a relaxing experience. Visitors can enjoy programs organized by the village, including numerous folkdance presentations.

But the real gem of the village is the thermal bath complex. Here the hot waters from two ancient thermal springs have been flowing out of the side of a hill for ages, leaving behind beautiful mineral formations that cascade down the hill like a frozen waterfall. Bathers have enjoyed the benefits of the mineral-rich waters for ages.

An important factor in shaping this village and its bathing culture has been the Turkish occupation in the area. They brought with them a strong bathing culture as well as wine traditions, making these central aspects for the settlement. The natural formation seems to oblige this influence as well, as it can be considered the Hungarian version of the famous Turkish Pamukkale.
A few years ago, a huge wellness and spa complex was built and opened at the site of the thermal baths. One of Hungary's youngest bathing complexes, it covers an expansive area with numerous baths, both indoors and out, and top facilities for therapeutic treatments. Bathers can soak in the hot waters below the beautiful mineral formations, enjoying the natural setting. A far-east center, sauna world, beauty and fitness centers provide guests with a broad range of possibilities for enjoying their stay and truly relaxing.

Getting there:
By car, take the M3 east towards Eger. Trains leave every half hour from Budapest's Keleti train station to Eger. From Eger, the village is 6km by bus.

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