Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sights NOT to Be Seen

 The Funzine Magazine gathered the sights not to be seen in Budapest


Kőbánya-Kispest, or KÖKI as locals call it, is one of the final stop of Metro 3, the blue line. It used to be a shabby and we’d say kind of risky area for a first-time Budapester. Thankfully, though it’s now going through a total reconstruction. Still, we’d advise you to avoid it for a little while – until the constructions are over – as it’s pretty difficult to find your way around.


The reason we included the Békásmegyer concrete heaven in our selection is that it’s basically an area not really pleasing to the eye. The place is crammed with huge concerete communist blocks of flats, so it’s only recommended for 20th century history fanatics and young architects on what-to-avoid trips.


It’s the eighth district of our lovely capital and it used to be a red-alert area for tourists. Even an animation movie called Nyócker was made as a parody to the unbearable situation. Thankfully, the rehabilitation has already started in the form of the grand Corvin Promenade project, so we’d say south of Baross utca is safe now, moreover worth checking it out. Just to be sure, still stay away from the area between Baross utca and Rákóczi út.


While it’s a busy-bustling transportation hotspot, Boráros tér is not the place to hang around (especially on your own) late at night. You don’t need to be afraid, though, it’s usually just a bunch of drunken homeless sleeping around, so if you’re heading Pest on the Petőfi híd, no worries, just make sure you don’t stay around long. Hint: it’s not the best meeting point to agree on after 10 p.m.


Got busted on the streetcar because you didn’t have a valid ticket on you? Well, you either pay your fine on the spot (6,000 HUF, which is roughly 21 EUR) or you have to head to –nowhere other than – Akácfa utca 15. to pay your 12,000 HUF fine (yup, 42 EUR). Here the ever-cheerful BKV personnel await you with their invoice books and a potentially judgemental smirk on their faces. Only visit this place if the friendliness of the ticket inspectors hasn’t managed to win you over elsewhere in the city.

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