Sunday, October 24, 2010

Historical Revolution Walk

Budapest tour

Experience the build up, follow the marches, re-live the battles, remember the stories! The Revolution Walk takes a historical approach through the last 200 years of contemporary Hungarian history.  Hungary's past is filled with victories, failures and struggles. We lead you through these eventful times through the sights depicting the historical outcome and how it shaped Hungary today. 

Through our guides the walking tour will visit landmarks of Hungarian history that “shook” the world with the 1956 revolution as one of the main highlighted themes.  Prior to the revolution in 1956 a plethora of events such as the War of Independence, Great Compromise, WWI, WWII gave huge significance to the meaning behind the Hungarian quest for freedom. After delving through the recent history we take a microscopic approach towards the newly appointed communism government after World War II that led to the events of the 1956 Revolution. The tour leads you through the remembrance of the first protests and marches and the first shootings and killings that led the Hungarians to fight back against an unethical regime. Some of our stops and stories will be about our Liberty Square for Cardinal Mindszenty’s part in the revolution as well as the significance of the square and the last remaining tribute to the Soviet Union!  We will embrace the character of Imre Nagy by his memorial in remembrance of the man who defied the leaders in Moscow and paid dearly on the gallows two years later. Another stop will be the Parliament area where shots were fired, which instigated the revolt to take up arms and defend one’s freedom.  After these short stops we will visit more locations and memorials for stories about how the Hungarian freedom fighters fought major battles where boys and men lost their lives to protect their dreams of freedom with nothing more than Molotov cocktails and small fire arms against a well equipped Soviet Red army.

The 1956 Uprising was a short lived battle on the streets but silently in the back of the minds of many Hungarians they plotted their flight from communism and finally laid to rest the memories through the reburial of Imre Nagy leading to free elections and a return to a free society. 

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